Smart home

modern roller blind systems

An smart home that provides us with comfort and security is now a reality available to all of us, not a product of the imagination. Thanks to modern technologies, the home will take care of closing the window during a downpour or proper ventilation of the rooms, ensuring a healthy microclimate.

For most of us, a home is a peaceful safe haven, which we happily return to after a tiring day. To complete this feeling, we need to create comfort and conditions that will guarantee the expected effect.

Appropriate measures are necessary in this case in the form of selecting the right products, devices and systems that support a given set. External blinds are equipped with such systems. Different types of drivers allow blinds to be operated in the absence of the homeowner and by remote control from outside the home.

The solutions we offer include radio technology and will make any home something much more. It will provide us with security, comfort, convenience and the ability to use the latest technologies. A friend for the home – this is what you can call the system with which you communicate using a tablet or smartphone.

The moment when you open or close blinds can be freely programmed according to your own needs. Thanks to this, we can, for example, ensure that the roller blind protects us against the morning sun on weekend mornings, and in the evening the window blinds ensure intimacy and silence. The latest trends and technological solutions are programmed to take into account wind power, external and internal temperature, excessive sunlight and rain. Blinds can be lowered individually in the part of the house exposed to various external factors.

Another example of solutions that significantly facilitate day-to-day operation are modern window ventilators. Effective ventilation of rooms is necessary for the health and comfort of the household. Thanks to this, we avoid excessive accumulation of heated and polluted air and we have a constant opportunity to regulate air exchange and access to fresh air. Intelligent window diffusers, available in our range, adapt themselves to the conditions in the room – air humidity and temperature. Their operation consists in adjusting the increase or decrease of incoming air, which affects the change in humidity, thus ensuring continuous replacement.

Using intelligent ventilators, we avoid unnecessary opening of windows and excessive cooling of rooms.

The drive equipped with radio technology increases the intelligence of your home!

As soon as you install the first piece of equipment, your home will gain new meaning.

By adding a remote control or an automated system, you can centralise your blinds with other products depending on the individual needs of each customer. All this will make your home unique and tailored only to you and your loved ones.

The 4Tech company uses the latest solutions available on the market, including Somfy, which is a well-known and proven brand. Thanks to the intelligent systems offered by Somfy, which are compatible with each of our products (windows, blinds, gates, diffusers, external doors), we can create any scenarios and settings. An example is the popular option “EXIT”, which is your personal assistant. Thanks to this solution, closing windows, letting blinds down and closing the garage door are taken care of.

It is also possible to create conditional scenarios dependent on external weather conditions. Monitoring them through special sensors detects whether the temperature specified for the house is exceeded. In this case, the blinds are lowered automatically to prevent overheating. Sensors can be selected depending on the needs, for example they can react to movement or sunlight.

In addition, we can also program the systems according to our personal calendar for each day of the week. The home can wake us up with daylight and allow for a longer sleep when we want it.

Please take a look at our range and we can provide assistance and consultation on the selection of appropriate solutions.