Inoutic HST Prestige PVC sliding system


HST Prestige is a 5-pane system of lifting and sliding doors, allowing the creation of large structures in a rich range of veneers. The depth of frame is 175mm, and the wings 76mm, which allows the use of 2- and 3-pane packages and a low thermal permeability coefficient can be achieved. A high level of energy-saving is also ensured by additional seals in the under-glass space.

The system allows the use of a low threshold (less than 20mm), adapted for people with disabilities. It enables an almost full flush fit with the floor, with no visible rise.

The Inoutic system allows very large structures to be created with wings weighing up to 250kg, moving without any effort.


Frame thickness175 mm
Wing thickness76 mm
Glass thicknessup to 52 mm
Wing weightup to 250 kg (lifted – sliding)