Deceuninck Elegant PVC window and door system


Modern, simple, elegant. PVC that looks like aluminum.

Windows on ELEGANT profiles are our new proposition for all those who value quality, design, modernity and ecology. Its aesthetic values will satisfy all those who are looking for simple shapes of aluminum joinery but want to have PVC joinery.

Elegant is a well-thought-out system that sets new trends in the style of PVC windows – what distinguishes it is its modern design without compromising on parameters. Slim, expressive shapes and clearly marked straight edges make Elegant a new generation window system, an excellent visual alternative to aluminum windows. A low threshold option is available for entrance and balcony doors. This system is completely compatible with HST lift and slide doors.

The ultra-slim Elegant design allows for more light. The special technology of gluing glass packages allows you to create stable, large-sized window structures that will allow you to achieve beautiful, sunny interiors in your home. A wide range of color finishes allows you to select a profile for any type of building and room.

In addition to the highest attention to operational parameters and efficiency, we also focus on ecology. Recycled material is also used in Elegant profiles. This is of great importance because each kilogram of recycled PVC reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 2 kg. The EcoPowerCore (EPC) material is as strong and durable and has thermal insulation properties as good as the primary PVC material. Therefore, in addition to excellent parameters, Elegant protects the environment.

ELEGANT has excellent thermal insulation properties with a core made of ecological EcoPowerCore material, the Elegant window profile system is an environmentally friendly, visual alternative to aluminum windows. It impresses with its heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 0.93 W/m2K. Thanks to the frame installation depth of 76 mm, the system meets all construction requirements, both for new buildings and renovation works. The Elegant system redefines the modernity of PVC windows. This is our narrower profile with the parameters of wide profiles, thanks to which we absorb less light.

Advanced technology in ELEGANT windows
Here, a stylish, modern look goes hand in hand with excellent technology. This is functionality that impresses with its properties. Thermal and acoustic insulation, durability, ease of use, safety. Thanks to the sealing system and six-chamber technology, Elegant achieves an excellent level of thermal insulation Uf = 0.93 W/m2K. Moreover, Elegant allows the use of special, very thick glass packages – up to 70 mm, characterized by the highest thermal insulation parameters. By using Elegant systems, you can effectively achieve passive house standards.

Soundproof windows
Thick glazing, which can be used in the Elegant system, will not only provide thermal insulation, but also provide excellent acoustic insulation. You can leave disturbing and annoying noises outside thanks to Elegant.

In terms of protection against burglary, the system allows to achieve class RC2 – anti-burglary class recommended as standard in windows. Safety is increased by the stable steel core used in the profile.