Deceuninck Eforte PVC window and door system


Eforte is an innovative system of energy-saving window profiles, designed for buildings with special energy-saving needs. The 6-pane system guarantees perfect thermal insulation parameters. Eforte offers a thermal insulation coefficient of up to Uf=0.95 W/m2K. In practice, this means significant savings on heating, reaching even 80% (compared to the heating costs of a building with old-style windows), and thus a significant impact on the protection of our natural environment.

It is possible to use glazing up to 56mm thick in Eforte profiles, which makes the energy-saving windows an excellent thermal and acoustic barrier. Eforte also offers unlimited possibilities of arranging space. Classic design, perfect proportions and a beautiful line will perfectly fit into the style of each house.


Frame thickness84 mm
Number of panes6
Glass thicknessup to 56 mm
Coefficient of thermal conductivity Uf (for the frame)Uf = 0.95 W/m2K