The latest technology
and modern design

The PVC EFORTE window system is a reflection of the latest technology and modern design. It is an innovative system of energy-saving profiles designed for buildings with special needs. The 6-chamber system guarantees perfect thermal insulation parameters. Thanks to the application of EFORTE in the production of energy-saving windows, it is possible to obtain thermal insulation coefficients of up to Uf=0.95 W/m2K. In practice, this is reflected in perceived savings in heating, up to 80% compared to the heating costs of a building with old-style windows. This has undoubtedly a significant measurable impact on environmental protection and the elimination of the effects of high-emissions.

EFORTE gives unlimited possibilities of space arrangement, perfect proportions, elegant simple lines, guaranteeing a classic design, suiting the style of each house and appreciated by today’s consumers.

Star Aliplast window and door system with increased thermal insulation

It is a three-chamber system with thermal insulation coefficient: Uf in the range from 0.6-1.23 W/m2K.

The 45 mm wide thermal pad is made of innovative materials. Construction depth of sections: 90 mm – frame and 99 mm – sash. It is possible to create a structure with a very high load capacity. The system uses a new standard of profile overlap with glass (increased depth significantly improves thermal and structural properties of the system) and an innovative system of water drainage from the structure (no visible elements blocking drainage holes). Moreover, the same type of corner and T-connector in the outer and inner chamber reduces the number of accessories and offers faster fabrication. It is possible to use the same type of insulating insert in the window sash and in the window frame. The reduced number of glazing trims and seals, while maintaining glazing continuity, ensures a very good visual effect depending on the thickness of packages. The solutions used in the STAR system will enable the design of structures with a modern elegant design.

Ekostandard & Design

Windows in every house and building have a very important function and are an inseparable element of today’s construction. Solutions offered by our company were designed for energy-efficient and passive construction as well as modern, bold architectural projects. The window system can create spectacular glazing in buildings, in which window profiles are practically invisible. Innovative construction is characterised by exceptional design and economy, taking into account ecological and economic aspects. Our offer includes products with very good parameters that meet various needs of users. Modern joinery allows not only for original, large-size glazing, but it is also characterised by attractive utility parameters, contributing to the comfort of home use and positively influencing its energy balance. The window system with a thermal partition with the highest thermal insulation meets all the requirements set in passive construction. The systems we use can be used to make architectural elements of the exterior, for example, various types of windows and spatial structures, which in addition to excellent thermal insulation are characterised by a very high quality finish and aesthetic values that meet the requirements of individual customers. Large glazings optically expand space and guarantee a freer flow of light, letting in the maximum amount, as well as allowing for an even greater free energy gain by heating the room with solar rays. High acoustic insulation allows users to enjoy the peace and quiet. All useful properties of the profile systems used in the production of our windows are supported by research and relevant certificates.

The combination of professionalism and quality workmanship ensures our customers a very high comfort of use and original, sophisticated design, energy efficiency and safety.