Amon aluminium window and door system


The AMON system with its steel look, built on the basis of the SoEasy system, is the warmest window system of this category on the market. The system uses the same accessories and connectors as the basic SETH system. The AMON movable post in the minimum version has a visual width of 111 mm. Permanent posts and cross beams glued directly to the glass refer visually to the trapezoidal shape of the main frame and wing profiles.

The steel look visuals of the system make it possible to build doors and windows with a characteristic visual effect of bevelled profiles reminiscent of industrial steelwork. Proven for the construction of exterior doors and windows in modern buildings and for the renovation of existing industrial buildings and buildings with an external brick façade.


Window frame thickness110 mm
Window wing thickness103 mm
Pane thickness12-61 mm
Coefficient of thermal permeability UfUf od 0.81 W/m2K