Aliplast Panorama aluminium folding system


Aliplast Panorama is a three-pane, thermally insulated system designed for the construction of folding doors that allow the arrangement of wide, open passages.

The Panorama system offers constructions that can be opened inwards or outwards in a very large wing configuration (up to 8 wings).

The folding door system makes it possible to create aesthetic and functional buildings, comfortable for users, while also allowing a very efficient use of space in the building.

A wide range of available solutions and potential applications enables the design of structures such as balconies, terraces or conservatories to be used in constructions in public and commercial buildings.


Window frame thickness74,5 mm
Window wing thickness74,5 mm
Pane thickness16-50 mm
Coefficient of thermal permeability UfUf od 1.33 W/m2K